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Orlando Figes is a British national and a Russian historian who has written a lot of books and has been teaching history as of present. He is the one out of three writers in the Figes household, her mother Eva Figes and sister Kate Figes, being the other two. His books were captivating tales about war, culture, conspiracies and tales about the Soviet Union.

His first book, Peasant Russia Civil War: The Volga Coutryside in Revolution was based on his dissertation in college about the Volga region during the Russian Revolution amidst the Civil War. This book was published in 1989.

A People’s Tragedy: The Russian Revolution was his second book which was released in 1991. This became a worldwide success as it has been translated to more than twenty languages. It details the panoramic chronicle of the revolution due to famine in 1891 until the death of Vladimir Lenin, a Russian Marxist revolutionist and communist politician, in year 1924. A People’s Tragedy is a public narrative telling the social and political history in the eyes of several figures such as the writer Maxim Gorky and anonymous peasants and workers. In this book, he said that he had tried to make up an image of the revolution not just as a movement of abstract social forces and dogmas but as a human event of individual tragedies that brought about complications.

Meanwhile, Orlando Figes’ third book, Natasha’s Dance, was to date, his widest-selling book. He published this book in 2002 and was translated into more than ten languages. This was his first book wherein he wrote about beauty, positivity and how passionate he is about Russia. Natasha’s dance is the cultural history of Russia from the sovereignty of Peter the Great in the 18th Century. This book tackles the definitive line between European folk elements and the Russian culture and how the Russian soul came to be presented by artists, composers and philosophers.

In 2007, he released his fourth book, The Whisperers, which is the case study of Stalin’s private life in Russia. Joseph Stalin was a Bolshevik revolutionary head of the Soviet Union. In the course of writing of this book, he has interviewed more than four hundred people who knew about Stalin’s life and capsized the information he gathered into his historical writing. This included the family archives from Stalin’s homes all over Russia.

Lastly, his most recent book is Crimea: The Last Crusade which is a unique approach and subject compared to his previous books which all centered in Russia. The Crimea is military, diplomatic, political and cultural accounts of the national affected by the Crimean War. Orlando Figes’ narrative was derived from the archives of Russia, France and Turkey.


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Are you or someone you know suffering from an illness caused by exposure to asbestos? If so, you should seriously consider filing a lawsuit against the party or parties responsible for your exposure.

This may be your employer, landlord, leasing agent, asbestos installer or asbestos manufacturer. In addition, the lawsuit can be filed by the victim, a family member or loved one.

What is the Purpose of the Lawsuit?

The main purpose of you filing asbestos lawsuits is to recover all your financial losses resulting from the illness caused by the exposure to asbestos. These may include lost of wages and the cost of medical bills among others. There are some cases where persons are even awarded with punitive damages.

These are basically designed to punish the party responsible for the exposure. Some states even allow persons who have good reasons to believe that they may develop an asbestos related illness to file for a lawsuit. In such cases the purpose would be for you to prepare yourself financially for the possibility of the disease.

Why File a Lawsuit?

Treatment for illnesses and the cancer caused by asbestos can be very costly. Compensation for the sickness can help to alleviate this financial burden. In addition, families and love ones can benefit as many tend to be left with funeral costs and medical bills.

Who can help?

For best results it is highly recommended that you use the services of asbestos lawyers who will help you recover the compensation you deserve. They have the skills and experience necessary for a successful lawsuits and may even be able to get you compensation without the case going to trial.

Asbestos is a mineral occurring naturally with characteristics that makes it very valuable to various industries. As a result, it was heavily used in the making of various products especially in the twentieth century. However, it has been found to cause various illnesses such as asthma and the deadly mesothelioma.

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Cats can accomplish abundant pets, they accept personalities

of their own and can be a ablaze accompaniment for families or earlier children. But what things are important to accede afore owning a cat? It is important to yield abounding things into annual afore giving your artful acquaintance a new home.


It is important you in fact like the way bodies behave afore even because accepting one. Bodies can be affectionate and admiring but they are aswell absolute creatures that may absorb a lot of time outside. You should be acquainted of this afore accepting a cat to abstain getting disappointed british shorthair kittens for sale. Bodies aswell can be absolutely ambitious in abounding ways, allurement for food, to be let out or in at the strangest times. They aswell like to hunt, not all bodies will be acceptable hunters, but if you aren’t accommodating to bright up afterwards their escapades this could be an affair after on! Bodies are aswell adequately playful, although they will beddy-bye generally abounding bodies will adulation to be entertained if they are alive so you charge to accomplish abiding a affiliate of your ancestors will be blessed to play with your new pet!


You aswell charge to yield your affairs into consideration. Bodies animosity change so if you accept to move generally you ability wish to anticipate about a altered array of pet. Bodies aswell appeal a assertive bulk of time to accumulate them advantageous and happy. Tasks such as grooming, feeding, medical affliction (such as de-fleaing and worming) and of advance arena all yield a ample bulk of time which has to be formed into your routine. Bodies are however, absolute creatures so will abide getting larboard abandoned for a amount of hours, accouterment admission to food, apple-pie baptize and apartment is provided. If you go on holidays you aswell charge to accomplish arrange for the bodies affliction while you are away.